Kinesys Fit
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Kinesys Fit

Personalized coaching beyond the typical “customized” plans


Kinesys Fit Plans


Be Deliberate with your Intentions.

Intentional planning gets you not just fit, it gets you Kinesys Fit.


Standard Nutrition Plan

Single serve a la carte style nutrition program

Monthly Training and Nutrition Guidance

Training and Meal Planning without the virtual assistance

Coaching with Kinesys Fit Plan

You have the plan, now add in the virtual coaching

Concierge by Kinesys Fit

Concierge offers excellence in your plan beyond guided training sessions

Kinesys Fit Lifestyle

Sometimes a phone call isn’t enough


Are you?

Are you fit and you just need a nudge, a plan to get to the next level of training, or professionally guided planning for your upcoming competition or fitness goal?

You don’t need someone to tell you when to workout or how to workout. As a professional, you know how to make things work. But life has a tendency to find a way to interfere with our best-laid plans.


Then You’re Not Just Fit, You’re Kinesys Fit.